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Preparing for your Driving Test

Sitting your first driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience. When you’ve forked out all that hard-earned money for your driving lessons, and for the test itself, you feel under real pressure to pass first time. But as your driving test approaches, there are things that you can do to be better prepared for your exam.
Taking some extra lessons can be of real benefit. As well as increasing your confidence on the road before your test, extra lessons will give you the chance to concentrate further on any areas of your driving that need some attention.

Your driving instructor should take you through a mock practical test as your real test approaches, so that you have some feel as to what will be expected of you on the day. Your instructor should also take you along the usual driving test route so that you can familiarise yourself with it. It helps to have an extra run through of this route just before your test day, so ask your instructor if this is possible.

Before sitting your practical driving test, you will have passed your theory test, but this doesn’t mean that you can throw away that Highway Code textbook. Your driving test requires an even more in-depth knowledge of the Highway Code than your theory exam.

As well as having to understand the road signs you encounter as you drive, your examiner may well ask you questions about road signs and the Highway Code as part of your test too. So make sure that you read through the Highway Code again, ready to put it to practical use.

As part of your theory test you will also have passed the hazard perception test. Your hazard perception training really comes into its own when you are out on the road and sitting your practical exam, so it’s important to keep practicing. Hazard perception tests are available in CD-ROM format, in fact your instructor may already have given you one of these to practice with, and it helps to run through these tests again prior to your exam.

The night before your exam, try to relax and get a good night’s sleep – although this may be easier said than done! But the more relaxed you are on the day, the better you will perform. Positive thinking is essential too, as it will help you to feel more confident and optimistic about the test ahead. Remember that you have trained hard for this test, and have already acquired a good deal of road experience. If you have paid attention to your Highway Code and driving instructor, you have nothing to fear, so good luck!

Once you’ve passed your test, you may want to consider taking part in the Pass Plus training course. This is a practical course designed to further your skills and confidence as a road user. As a first-time driver, car insurance can be expensive, but by completing the Pass Plus course you will be eligible for insurance discounts from a wide range of insurers. Further details can be found online at the Pass Plus website.

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