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Driving School: Elevate Driving School

Elevate driving school has both female and male driving instructors based throughout Nottingham and Derbyshire who conduct lessons 7 days a week. We can realistically get you through your driving exam from anywhere from a month to a year if you maintain regular lessons and our instructors always ensure they are prompt and reliable for each of your lessons. Whether you are a nervous beginner or seeking Advanced Driver Training lessons with our school, or had repeated previous attempts at your P

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Elevate Driving School
36 Holkham Close
Nottingham, NG5 6PU
Phone: 01158450184

Services Offered: Driving Lessons, Driving Instructors,Theory Training, Female Instructors,Short Notice Tests,Guaranteed Pass Courses and Intensive Courses

Areas Served: Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield

Website: http://www.drivinglessonsnottinghamelevate.com

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Latest Reviews

* Massiah

I wasn’t the most reliable of pupils to be honest but my Instructor
used to text me to remind me the day before about my driving lesson, because of
my weekly routine my driving instructor used to wake up early just for me and
give me lessons at 7am on a Sunday, no other driving instructor or driving
school was prepared to do it but Elevate and my driving instructor was so
flexible. I badly needed my driving licence as I am a Semi Professional
Footballer and I have to attend training and matches up to 2 hours away from
where I live in Nottingham. To say I was happy to pass my driving test 1st time
at Colwick Driving Test Centre is an understatement.. I went back to my driving
instructor 3 weeks later and did my Pass Plus and we drove to Manchester Uniteds
ground and drove around Trafford Park… I have sent so many of my Teenage
friends to Elevate Driving School and I can say in total honesty that every
single one passed either 1st or 2nd time. I wouldnt actually know what other
driving schools or driving instructors are like because me and my closest
friends all either passed with Elevate or are taking lessons with Elevate now
but I hear enough strange stories to know that not all driving schools are as
reliable as Elevate and what my driving instructor was...

Oct 8, 2011
* Liam Russel

Life wasn’t great for me at the time when I started taking my driving
lessons with Elevate driving school I was struggling to work regularly and I had
a bit of a problem with being told what to do. I was amazed at just how helpfull
my driving instructor was, he never shouted at me or tried to belittle me which
for some reason that is what i expected to happen.. He didnt smoke and his car
was always clean and smelt fresh and he was always on time give or take 3 or 5
minutes. Elevate was a bit more money than other quotes that I had for driving
lessons but once I’d started taking my lessons with my driving instructor I
could see why they were slightly more money than my mates driving instructor,
for example my car was like 6 months old but my mates car was like 5 years old
and stuff, sometimes my mates instructor just wouldnt turn up and I used to
laugh at him because my driving instructor Steven Fisher was so reliable I could
set my clocks by him. I passed 1st time and I send anyone who asks for a driving
instructor to Steven but I do tell them that basically just get any of their
driving instructors because in my area of the people that I know, no one really
goes to any other driving school.. My life improved no end after, I started
working, bought a car, met a nice lady Elevate were all that and a bag of

Oct 8, 2011
* Pierre

I was with a different instructor and driving school but people kept telling me
to switch so I changed to Elevate, I had Julian as my driving instructor and he
was wicked, seriously, from day 1… Newer car, smartly dressed, ( he had a
thing about not swearing in his car ) and he was sooooooooo funny on my driving
lessons, I’ve never had so much joke while I’ve been learning anything in my
life… He had a weird kinda way of telling you, you were doing something wrong,
why you were doing it wrong and how you could stop yourself from doing it but
without it sounding like you were at school (thats what made it weird ).. Plus
he was my kinda guy, everywhere we drove on my driving lessons it was like
everyone knew him. He used to always say ” Driving’s Fun and believe all the
Hype about me being an amazing driving instructor ” ha ha ha… I could never
forget my Driving Instructor, I’ve sent lots of people to Julian and if they
couldnt get in with him, they passed with another Elevate driving instructor…
If you get to read this Julian “You are a Legend “..

Oct 8, 2011
* Emma Watson

I need to big up Steve he has been fantastic, from the very start of my driving lessons he was a brilliant driving instructor and I would strongly recommend him and Elevate to anyone wanting to pass their driving test.

With Steve’s help I passed my theory and driving test first time. I couldn’t have done it with out them… Thanx Steve, lv ya.

I’m Buzzin!!!

Oct 8, 2011

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