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Driving School: Streets Ahead Driver Training

At Streets Ahead Driver Training we teach a Skill for Life. Learning to drive is fun and takes less time than you think. Call us now and take advantage of our competetive prices.

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Streets Ahead Driver Training
53 Meadowbank Road
Kirknewton, EH27 8BH
Phone: 01506 882773

Services Offered: Pass Plus, Intensive and Semi Intensive Courses, Refreshers, Discounts for Block Bookings, Cashback from Local Council on completion of Pass Plus, Nervous Drivers Welcome

Areas Served: Kirknewton, East Calder, Mid Calder, Livingston, Broxburn, Balerno, Currie, Ratho, West Lothian, Edinburgh West

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Latest Reviews

* James

Allan was a great instructor who always strived to make me learn and understand how to drive. Very knowledgeable and always friendly. Helped me pass first time and it was a pleasure learning from such a great guy!..

Jun 7, 2012
* Sophie

Allan is a great instructor I enjoyed my lessons and passed first time :D!..

Apr 3, 2012
* David

Allan was a very good instructor. He was patient and was very easy to work with. He helped me pass first time and I feel he can do the same for other people. I'd recommend him to anybody looking for a friendly and professional instructor...

Feb 2, 2012
* Neil Duff

Allan's a superb instructor, really easy to get along with and can crack a joke or two. He has a brilliant teaching style - he tells you what you should be doing rather than what you done wrong, very positive. He is always able to fit lessons around your schedule and provides a very high standard of driving.

thanks very much mate, wouldn't have passed without you!..

Jan 24, 2012
* Jacquie Pirrie

Alan was a fantastic Driving Instructor. I am a more mature first time driver. I wanted to take my time to learn rather than rush to pass my test as I would have my little one in the back. I probably took at bit longer, but passed my test first time and am now confident due to Alan's patience and professionalism - and I can assure you, he needed to be patient and have a sense of humour with me!..

Jan 17, 2012
* Jacquie

As an more mature first time learner, I was quite nervous. I told Allan I had a small child who would be a passenger and I was more interested in learning how to drive safely than merely passing my test. I probably took a bit longer than average, but today I passed first time. Allan was very patient with me and helped me to gain confidence. I would highly recommend him as a Driving Instructor...

Dec 30, 2011
* Bethanie

Allan was a great driving instructor, always friendly, patient and didn't mind having to explain something again and again until I got it! Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, thanks again Allan for getting me a pass first time :)..

Dec 14, 2011
* Rachel Walkingshaw

Allan is a very experienced instructor who is very reliable, always on time and makes you feel at ease when driving. He explained everything clearly and is very knowledgeable. I passed first time and have recommended him to all my friends. Thanks for everything Allan :)..

Dec 8, 2011
* Mark

A great instructor, very professional and thorough with covering all areas of driving. Even though I failed my first test he made sure that all my faults were sorted. He also has a lot of patience with nervous drivers and I would recommend him to anyone...

Oct 19, 2011
* Kirsty

Allan is a fantastic driving instructor. Always on time and structures lessons well to suit you. He's very friendly and makes you feel at ease! Overall brilliant instructor and highly recommended :)..

Oct 14, 2011
* Fraser

Always efficient, relaxed and friendly, Allan gave me the confidence and belief in myself that I could do it. He is very professional but also very easy going and down to earth. I would recommend anybody wanting to have driving lessons with him! Thanks again Allan :)..

Oct 13, 2011
* Wan Indra

A friendly person, patience and professional. Allan helped me with getting my confidence back. Teaching technique is good (I have had quite a few instructors). On time, communication was good. Teaching apparatus is advanced. Allan was more than willing to adapt his times to suit my difficult pratical time/location. Overall very good. ..

Oct 7, 2011
* mags

Allan is so funny has amazing patience and didnt mind repeating himself for what seemed like a 100 times when i just didnt get it right. He also managed to provide lessons around my awkward schedule. Allan is a great instructor, even when i was having a bad day(s) he managed to turn it into a positive. THANKS ALLAN :D..

Oct 3, 2011
* John B

Passed first time with Allan. Highly recommened if, like me, you're an older new driver. Allan puts you at ease and explains clearly and concisely what you have to do and what you've done wrong. All in all was a very positive experience!..

Jun 21, 2011
* Ewelina

Allan is very good teacher he explain everythink good,slowly,and clearly.Lesson's with him was very funy and nice...regards!!!!..

Jun 8, 2011
* Alana

I recently passed my driving test 1st time after having lessons with Allan. I had never driven before and was very nervous when I first started my lessons but Allan made things a lot easier and over the weeks I started getting more confident. Allan is also very patient and probably deserves a medal after a few of my meltdowns on lessons but he kept encouraging me. I was so nervous before my test and convinced myself I wasn't ready and was going to fail but Allan had faith in me and thankfully it paid off and I passed first time! I would definitely recommend Allan to anyone out there who wants to learn to drive...

May 12, 2011
* Ewelina

Allan is very goog teacher,he explain everyting clearly..he is very funy so lesson with him are great...regards......

May 5, 2011

Allan is a great driving instructor, explains everything perfect and clear..I woudl like say thank you Allan ....regards..

May 1, 2011
* ewelina

Allan is a great driving instructor, explains everything perfect. I woluld like say thank you Allan!!!..

May 1, 2011
* craig simpson

i recently took lessons with streets ahead was verry nervous at first after coming of a 2year ban but was made at ease a high standard of teaching and i passt first time would recomend it to any1 in the area cheers m8..

Apr 7, 2011
* Piotr

great driving instructor would recommend him to anyone ..

Feb 11, 2011
* Gary Mowat

great driving instructor, always on time, allows a lot more driving to talking time in lessons. If you do something wrong it is explained to you what went wrong and what you need to do to prevent it so you remember the next time, learning is very structured and you always feel like your moving towards passing. Overall great driving instructor. ..

Dec 31, 2010
* Jess Bailey

Allan was the best driving instructor I have had lessons with. He makes the lessons fun, gives clear goals to work towards along the way, understands that the brain needs training to be safe on the road as much as you need to learn how to control the car. I would highly recommend learning with him, and already have to many people!..

Nov 26, 2010
* anthea

I would like to say thank you to Allan once again for being patient.I wasnt the quickest learner but he stuck with me all the way.
Allan is professional,punctual and happy (be careful with his alloys lol)
I will recommend streets ahead to any new driver as I know how hard Allan works to get people driving safely.

Sep 19, 2010
* Jen Lambie

Allan is very down to earth and creates a good atmosphere for driving, highly recommended for anyone who feels abit nervous or lacks confidence as Allan will take things at your speed while encouraging you at the same time. The good banter, vibe and quality of training really adds to the learning. I'd recommend Streets Ahead to everyone!..

Aug 13, 2010
* Scott

Allan is a great driving instructor, explains everything in full and makes it so easy and comfortable to learn to drive. I passed first time with allan and would definately recommend him to anyone...

Apr 14, 2010
* Laura

Allan was absolutely fantastic even though I was (by my own admission) probably the most awkward student ever!
Even helped modify the car and reference points for manouvers to accomodate me and to make it easier to drive with a bad shoulder.
I passed first time and I'll be going back for pass plus soon..

Mar 11, 2010
* Natalie Clark

Allan is an excellent driving teacher who helped me pass my driving test first time- which I still think is an absolute miracle! He taught me everything over and over until I eventually got the hang of it! He's always on time & offers a great service & is a genuinely nice guy. He wants all of his students to pass first time & will do anything (even sorting his handbrake on the morning of your test!) to help you pass. I would highly recommend his services to any people wanting to take to the roads. ..

Dec 15, 2009
* Zack Sullivan

I have recently passed first time. It was in no small part due to Allanís excellent instruction and I could not recommend him highly enough. Any one in the west Lothian and Edinburgh area should consider Allen and streets ahead as their first stop for reliable, flexible high quality driving instruction that will give you the confidence and skills to pass. Thanks Allen could not have asked for a better instructor. ..

Dec 15, 2009
* Lynne

Allan is a fab instructor, very patient and extremely helpful. He gives you lots of varied driving experiences and is 100% reliable. He gave me enough self-believe to enable me to pass 1st time :o) Would (and already have) highly recommend him without a second thought...

Nov 18, 2009
* Chris

Allan is an excellent instructor, simplifies and clarifies the basics as well as the more intricate details that are part and parcel with driving. I passed first time despite the fact I had little self-belief, Allan helped instil further confidence over my lessons with a fantastic end result...

Sep 6, 2009
* Scott Walker

Allan is excellent driving instructor,He is very patient & explains everything very well.Allan lets you do the manouvers & then explains were you might have went wrong.
I highly reccomend allan to anyone is wanting to drive.


Aug 25, 2009
* Scott Walker

Allan is a good driving instructor, He is very patient & explains everything to do with driving very well. I would recommend allan to anyone who wants to drive...

Aug 21, 2009
* Robert

A great instructor, very professional and thorough with covering all areas of driving. Even though I failed my first test he made sure that all my faults were sorted. I can't believe how confident Allan has made me in driving and I would recommend him to anyone. ..

Dec 15, 2008
* Ella and Lukasz

we had a lessons and a test with Allan. Both of Us passed at the first time. Great as a person and very professional as a teacher. we are recommending his school for everyone. Thanks for a help Allan...

Nov 22, 2008
* Jamie

I passed first time with Allan. I was very nervous and he showed lots of patience.
I also did the pass plus course with him which i found really useful...

Mar 24, 2008
* Tracey Quigley

I took lessons with Allan, he was a gr8 teacher . Made u feel at ease and explained everything clearly.Made driving fun as i was a very nervous pupil. Thanks 2 him passed 1st time.Would recommend him 2 anyone and already have :) ..

Mar 7, 2008

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