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Driving School: Breeze Driving Ambition

BREEZE Driving Ambition is a Driving School committed to providing patient, professional & friendly driving lessons. Our lessons are structured to meet the needs of each individual pupil. We don\'t shout, put down or demoralise our pupils and understand that many pupils can be nervous which is not a problem, we help them gain the confidence they need with structured driving lessons based around the core skills they will learn on each lesson. Our aim and goals are not only to simply get pupils to test level but to (more importantly) also instruct them to be safe drivers for life. At Breeze Driving Ambition we pride ourself on the high pass rates we achieve.

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Breeze Driving Ambition
Shelley Ave
Hull, HU9 4RN
Phone: 07591 264697

Services Offered: Hourly Lessons, Block Bookings & Discounts, Pass Plus, Day Evening & Weekend lessons, Theory Tuition,

Areas Served: Hull,East Hull, West Hull, North Hull, Sutton, Bransholme, Hedon, Anlaby, Brough, Willerby, Kirkella, Hessle, Swanland

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Latest Reviews

* Jill

I started driving lessons at 17. I had some terrible instructors that set me up to fail so I'd have to book more lessons. I had one that only took me on quiet back streets. He said I needed experience of giving way to oncoming vehicles. When he put me in for test, I failed on the major roads because I had no experience of them. I had another that had me driving around Sutton fields doing left turns only when I was supposed to be ready for my driving test. I had ones that would go back to the office using up my driving time. I had others that would sit and draw diagrams despite me protesting that I didn't learn that way and I needed to physically practice. It was just a way of them to earn money without using petrol.

After several failed tests (and despite being told I was a brilliant driver) I gave up for a few years. I tried again but had lost my confidence and by that time was also sick to death all male driving instructors making pervy comments all the time. They made me increasingly nervous and were totally inappropriate.

By the time I was 34 I decided to try again, only this time with a female instructor - Dawne at Breeze. She has a very high pass rate, she keeps her tuition fees low and she doesn't rip off her pupils. I recommend her to anyone I know wanting to take driving lessons. She got me through my test at long last - 17 years after I had started lessons and within a few months of starting lessons with her. She is by far superior to any other instructor I've ever had...

Aug 16, 2012

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