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Driving School: Mandy Jackson

Patient Female Automatic Driving Tuition for Life Skills not just to pass the test

Upgrade Driving School Listing.
Mandy Jackson
Derby, DE73 6UW
Phone: 01332 602772

Services Offered: Automatic Driving Tuition, Pass Plus, motorway, refreshers, semi intensive courses, theory guidance, weekday evening and saturday lessons available in 1 1.5 or 2 hr slots

Areas Served: Within a 5 mile radius of Derby

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Latest Reviews

* Ros

Mandy is an excellent driving instructor. Mandy is diligent, patient, understanding and has an amazing ability to make you believe in yourself, and reach your potential, through her empathetic and professional approach. Mandy really understood my particular learning style and personality and how to get the best out of me as a driving school student. Each lesson was great fun (due to Mandy’s fantastic sense of humour) and was astutely tailored by Mandy to meet all my learning needs. I found Mandy to be exceptionally knowledgeable, always giving very thorough, clear explanations. Mandy always made me feel really comfortable in asking any questions I had however big or small and put me at my ease in any situation. I passed my driving test first time thanks to Mandy. I feel very privileged to have been taught to drive by Mandy, and believe that Mandy is truly the best driving instructor any student could wish to have as their teacher. ..

Nov 4, 2014
* katie

Thanks to mandy I passed my test first time last year! She is very patient and friendly. Has a great sense of humour and made me feel at ease the minute I stepped into the car. Couldn't have a had a better instructor! Would definitely recommend her! ..

Feb 9, 2014
* Paul Turner

Mandy is an amazing instructor. Very professional and courteous at all times.

Excellent at managing students frustrations and providing apt and reasonable feedback.

Mandy is fun and always energetic in what she is doing. I could not have asked for a better instructor.

1st time pass thanks to this woman. ..

Jan 21, 2014
* Kellie Everton

Thanks to Mandy I passed first time after 6 weeks with her, she is a very confident and knowledgable instructor who will take the time to explain the whys as well as the how's, she also shows an interest in her pupils and caters to there specific needs..

Dec 17, 2013
* Carrie-Ann Thurston

Mandy was always very patient with me and very understanding. She made the lessons fun with her witty sense of humour and I'm glad I continued with her until I passed. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting an automatic instructor. :)..

Dec 17, 2013
* Alison ward

I had my very first lesson today and was extremely nervous! within minutes of being in the car Mandy had calmed my nerves, she listened to my worries and concerns and she put me at ease, i had great fun in my lesson and really cant wait to get behind the wheel again so roll on next week :) ..

Nov 1, 2013
* Lee Hall

Mandy is as she is, an amazing instructor, she is patient and careful.

understands the persons requirements for driving and will get you to where you need to be, i had many lessons with mandy and if there was a vote for driving tutor of the year, she would get my vote...

Oct 29, 2013
* Emma Birkinshaw

Mandy is an excellent driving instructor, she is patient and very helpful. I was nervous about learning to drive and Mandy put me at ease. I would highly recommend Mandy to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I passed first time over two years ago and it was all thanks to Mandy.
Thank you for everything...

Oct 28, 2013
* sam

I started my driving lessons in June this year and have been very impressed with my tuition so far. Mandy is very patient and not only explains how to do maneuver's, position etc but also why you need to do it. Mandy's lessons are orientated to teach you be able to drive well for life, not to pass your test as quickly as possible.
I always look forward to my lesson every week as i can see myself progressing each time through mandy's experience and teachings...

Oct 28, 2013
* Sally Bestwick

I had driving lessons with Mandy, she is an excellent driving instructor very helpful put it this way I passed first time I would recommend to anyone ..

Oct 28, 2013
* Marianna Aitchison

Mandy is a great instuctor, with a good sense of humour. She will always explain something if you are not sure, and always makes the driving lesson fun but thourough. Also thanks to Mandy I passed my test first time! ..

Oct 28, 2013
* Thomas Jones

Mandy is an excellent instructor, I have struggled with health issues for years, but Mandy has always stuck by me;and I don't think many instructors would have done that, she's a very pleasant and diligent instructor who genuinely cares for her students, I would happily recommend Mandy to anyone, always ready to listen to students questions, like I said, she cares about her students... What higher praise can I give? Oh yeah, she's very funny too, thanks Mandy for everything you've done for me ..

Sep 26, 2013
* Gavin Wilsoncroft

Passed my test thanks to Mandy over 2 years ago now, and (touch wood!) no accident yet! :)

Would recommend to anyone, fantastic instructor. Had a number of instructors over the years and had almost accepted i may never pass my test until i started lessons with her. Massively increased my confidence as a driver at the time, and ever since.

Thanks Mandy!..

Sep 12, 2013
* Heather Smith

Mandy is a very good instructor and knows her stuff. She applies thorough explanations when necessary and encourages. She has a good sense of humour which also helps to not let things get too serious and tries to make it fun which I think helps when learning a new skill...

Sep 6, 2013
* Melanie Walker

I had Mandy as my instructor, and in my opinion she is by far the best instructor I could of had. As a learner I was a very nervous driver. Mandy was very patient with me and always put me at ease. I have recommended her to family and friends who all went on to become successful learners and passed their tests with Mandy as their instructor...

Sep 6, 2013
* Becky Woodings

Mandy is an extremely fabulous driving instructor. As a new pupil i had no idea how to drive and was extremely nervous to be taking my lessons. Mandy managed somehow to calm my nerves and made me feel at ease from my very first lesson. She is friendly, reliable and excellent at what she does. I have already highly recommended her to friends/family who are now also learning to drive with her...

Sep 3, 2013
* John Goode

I was taught to drive by Mandy a few years ago and was thoroughly happy with the whole deal. She got me through my test on the first attempt - What more could you ask? I was able to fit my lesson plan around my job and if any changes were made to the schedule I got given plenty of notice. I'd recommend her to anyone...

Sep 1, 2013
* Lynne Higgins

I had Mandy teach me to drive. I was very grateful for her patience as I am a very nervous person. I was put at ease at every lesson. If I made a mistake we redid the manoeuver until I got it. Maybe I didn't do it right a lot of the time but I knew what to do the rest was up to me.. She was very supportive when I didn't pass my tests, and that was 4 of them, I did finally pass at the fifth attempt. Without Mandy I wouldn't have done it. ..

Aug 31, 2013
* Gemma

I learnt to drive with Mandy in 2008. I passed my test first time without faults after 14 weeks of lessons.
I had tried a few schools before but never felt as comfortable or as confident than with Mandy.
As a trainee teacher at the time, I realised that despite Mandy's very personable, down to earth and friendly demeanour she actually had some very thoughtful approaches to teaching that really assisted with my learning. I knew very quickly that I would pass my test with Mandy. Every lesson was well occupied with learning various techniques, safety and skills beyond just being able to pass the test but also becoming a good driver for life. There was never any time wasting, unnecessary chat- everything was appropriate to my learning to drive as quickly and safely as possible. Organising bookings were never a problem and Mandy was always very punctual. I can wholeheartedly say that Mandy's competitive value, fab teaching and super friendly and encouraging approach meant I passed happily. I have been driving (a lot!) now for 5 years without accident or incident and I would most certainly credit my confidence and skill to Mandy's ability as a teacher but her all round excellent services in driving tuition...

Aug 31, 2013
* Marisa Jackson

I'm currently learning to drive with Mandy and I couldn't be happier with the lessons that I have. Mandy's everything you could want in a driving instructor because she's extremely patient, calm, supportive, encouraging and most importantly to me, she has a brilliant sense of humour! As a very nervous driver it often takes a few attempts for me to get something right, but I enjoy my lessons so much and learning to drive in a fun and positive environment makes everything so much easier and a lot less stressful. I could never have progressed this far without her! I'd recommend her to anyone :D

Aug 30, 2013
* Jo-Anna

I found Mandy to be a great instructor. Very patient with a slow learner of 'mature' years & with a wicked sense of humour. She's had me in stitches many a time.
Referring to a previous review yes Mandy does take you to the side of the road during the lesson, either to talk about what you could have done differently or on several occasions in my case, to talk to me about something totally unrelated to driving just to stop me beating myself up about some mistake I'd made. Once I'd calmed down she told me to drive on.
Mandy is a perfectionist & if you can't handle being taught the right way to drive then maybe she's not for you. But thanks to Mandy pushing me I passed first time and this week drove all the way to Dorset, driving on motorways (in light & dark, country lanes, all within a month of passing.
Thank you Mandy for changing my.
I'll be booking my daughter in for lessons with Mandy as soon as she's old 17, that's how much I would recommend her...

Aug 30, 2013
* Lynne Higgins

I had Mandy Jackson, when my last instructor had to give up due to family commitments. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. She was prompt, very polite when needed and very friendly. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I am so glad that I had Mandy. She got me through my many tests, of which there was 5, I passed on the fifth test. She was their when I failed and boosted my confidence to help me when I needed to try for the next test. She is the most funniest person I know, she helped me see the funny side to a lot of situations when I was learning. I haven't met anyone who didn't like Mandy. Even instructors love Mandy and so do I. Way to go Mandy keep on doing what you are doing your the best...

Aug 30, 2013
* nikki

After a very bad experience from a male instructor, I decided to give a female instructor a whirl... I have to say I am extremely glad I did. Mandy was a breath of fresh air. She was professional yet at the same time friendly to make you feel at ease. I passed first time with Mandy and I am thankful for her helping me get my independence.

i was a very nervous driver but she always had a way of calming me down and making me see sense!
She is a very reliable and prompt driving instructor and could not of wished for anyone better to teach me.

Aug 30, 2013
* alison birkinshaw

I have no problems with the way i am learning to drive with mandy. I am getting what i pay for if we stop it is all do with my driving and she is very helpfully in showing me what to do. I would pass her to any one i new who is wanting to learn to drive...

Aug 30, 2013
* Naomi Thomas

The previous review is a load of bill to be fair. I am one of Mandy's previous pupils and she was one of the best instructors I've had. She was my third instructor. She was friendly and very helpful when it come to stuggling with things she mad sure I got everything to a t. I passed my driving lesson within 8 weeks and I am probably one of the dumbest pupils she has ever had. And I ony ha an hour a week. And to be fair 25poud and hour is a decent price as well as some other people charge ridiculous prices. And she has never used a phone when I have been on a lesson so the person who wrote the previous review best delete it as your just the bigger lier I have ever known. Mandy your a fabulous driving instructor an I would have you again if I ever had to have lessons again. My sister is coming to you as we'll when she gets her provisional. :) ..

Aug 30, 2013
* Tom J

Don't worry Mandy I think you're one of the best instructors ; there's not many instructor who would've willingly kept me on with my medical troubles - just remember you know how good you Are and so do I and everyone else who matters; here have a smiley face :-)..

Aug 30, 2013
* Vanessa Barlow

With regret that I leave this review. I felt that Mandy did not give me a full lesson on both of the 2 lessons I had with her, (when i realised I was not going to get anywhere and said not to bother booking me back in). There was a lot of chit chat before my 2nd lesson which I wouldn't mind, but it was inc within the lesson time so then I did mind. Also, I appeared to be taken to the side of the road, twice on my 2nd lesson, for at least 10 mins each i would say. Each time this appeared to be extended beyond what was necessary with me having to suggest we move on at one point whilst Mandy checked her mobile phone. One such time was to discuss parking, but it was totally extended and then Mandy asked me a few questions about me, but I'd already been sat at the side of the road for ages and not interested in talking by then, when Im spending £25 an hour to learn to drive. Sorry but its unacceptable. i only wanted an hour lesson, but i was taken home based on the time Mandy called me to say she had arrived at my home, so my hr started bef I'd even left my house let alone from when I started to move the car. Not happy at all. I just got a massive impression Mandy takes you to the side of the road to save on petrol costs and that is it. And that made me very annoyed...

Jul 20, 2013

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