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Driving School: mitchL Driving School

mitchL driving school is based in Darenth run by professional instructor Mitchell Knowles. As a DSA Approved instructor you can expect the very best in driving tuition.

mitchL Driving School
108 Coombfield Drive
Dartford, DA2 7LH
Phone: 07505 129631

Services Offered: Intensive courses, Pass Plus, Motorway Lessons, Night Lessons, Gift vouchers

Areas Served: Bexley village, Blackfen, Eltham, Bexleyheath, Crayford, Dartford, Darenth, Welling,Belvedere ,Erith, Sidcup, Barnhurst, Orpington, Swanley, Wilmington.

Website: http://www.mitchldrivingschool.co.uk

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Latest Reviews

* Kerrie

Well what can I say I passed today thanks to you. I started driving with Mitchell 5 years ago and gave up due to having a baby. But went back in July and now on the road. I couldn't thank you enough. You are a amazing instructor.
Would recommend to anyone thank you again xx..

Oct 1, 2015
* kayleigh

Mitchell. What can I say thank you so much for getting me through my test. You had every confidence in me and never made me feel like I wasn't capable of passing even when I failed a few time.

Highly recommend this instructor. ..

Aug 16, 2015
* Tom

I wanted to add more to the review I posted on April 10 to give more detail.

As I said before, Mitch is an excellent driving instructor and a very nice man. I am older than most people who first start to learn to drive so I was nervous at first. I needn't have been as Mitch reassured me right from the start and in a surprisingly short period of time I was driving under my own steam with Mitch giving excellent guidance and advice.

In addition to this his prices are really reasonable and he was very flexible with times as I work full-time.

Finally, I passed first time and I have Mitch to thank for that. If you live in North Kent or South East London and you are looking for an excellent driving instructor then Mitch is your man. ..

Apr 23, 2015
* Molly

I started learning with Mitch this January after failing my first test in August 2014 and then not driving for 6 months. He helped me get back on my feet and I learnt more with him then I did my last driving school. He was a great help and very encouraging, which is what I needed the most. I would defiantly recommend Mitch to anyone who was about to start driving any time soon!..

Apr 23, 2015
* Scarlet scorgie

Very highly recommend Mitchell as your driving instructor. He is a very happy, chatty and relaxed person who makes you feel comfortable from the second of your first lesson! Passed my test today first time thanks to Mitchell. For sure the best driving instructor around! Go with Mitchell :) thankyou so much Mitchell for teaching me to drive! X..

Sep 25, 2014
* Demi Wainwright

I was recommended Mitch by one of my friends who learnt with him. Choosing Mitch was one of the best decisions I made as he is a brilliant instructor. I passed first time, and it was all down to him and his great service. Picking which days to do my lesson was never an issue as he is very flexible, and also very reliable.
Before my first lesson I was nervous about learning to drive but Mitch made me feel at ease as soon as I got in his car.
As pleased as I am about passing my driving test, I will miss my lessons as he almost becomes a friend, for me this is a massive factor and for that reason I would recommend Mitch to anyone!..

Mar 26, 2014
* Silvia Sez

I liked Michtell as a driving instructor from the first lesson. He is very professional and explains things clearly and with a great patience! I am Spanish and feel very lucky for having found Mitchell, who taught me from scratch how to drive in England (I had never driven before in my life). He praises you and gives you confidence all the time, which definitely helped me to pass my exam at the second time. Muchas gracias Mitchell! :-)..

Mar 11, 2014
* Reanna

I was recommended Mitch by my sister who he taught to drive and she passed first time. From the first lesson, he makes you feel comfortable and is very friendly. I always looked forward to my lessons and if I had any questions, he would be happy to answer them. I passed my test within four months of having Mitch and I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks!..

Nov 8, 2013
* Jamie

I got hold of Mitch from my girlfriends sister who had learnt with Mitch a few years earlier. I was told he had a great pass rate especially for younger drivers. He arrived early every single time, pick up from anywhere I was, dropped off anywhere I needed. I feel like I progressed very fast with Mitch, learnt everything to a high standard and passed my test (today) within 4 months. I only got two minors too! Yay... He makes you feel very relaxed and can talk to him about anything very easily. Very happy with the whole experience! Thanks for everything Mitch! :) ..

Oct 23, 2013
* Megan

Mitch is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and one of the best driving instructors!

You are able to chat to him about anything and everything, and he will always have the answer to any question you had. He is genuinely interested in what you do, but also gives you the motivation to go out and pass as soon as he believes you are able to (he would never tell you to take a test if he didn't think you were ready).

If there was any problems about the timing of lessons (I had plans that clashed with it a few times), he was more than happy to change the times.

He is always optimistic and patient with you, so if you do make a mistake he's the one that helps you calm down rather than panicking!

When I passed my test, I've never seen anyone more proud of me, which was really nice!

Thanks Mitch for teaching me to drive and, for those of you looking for an instructor, make sure you make the right choice and choose Mitch!..

Sep 5, 2013
* Billy

I would definitively recommend Mitch to others for their driving lessons! He helped me pass both my theory and practical tests first time which is what everyone wants to do!
He is a very good instructor and helps make you feel comfortable and at ease when driving.
If you are going to learn to drive, use Mitch and do it right !
Great guy!

May 30, 2013
* Vanessa

Where do I start? Before I started driving with Mitch I was driving with BSM. They were rubbish! If I couldn't do a manover they would give up on me. They wasn't friendly they didn't teach me anything so I stopped driving for 6 months. I then went with Mitch because my best friend and boyfriend did and they both passed 1st time. I rang Mitch up and explained my experience and he was so enthusiastic about getting me back on the road. All my lessons was great fun; he explains everything properly and keeps practicing them until I had them perfect. We had laughs throughout my driving lessons. There wasn't one bad one I always went home happy and excited about doing my next lesson. On the day of my test Mitch was so reassuring and took me through everything. I passed first time :) couldn't of done it without him. He truly is a genuine nice guy and probably is the best instructor anyone could ask for. I've reconmended him to all my friends and family. It's a shame I don't get to drive around with him anymore. Thanks for everything Mitch wouldn't of done it without your support and guidance. Many thanks x x x x x x..

Apr 23, 2013
* Tom

Mitch is a really friendly bloke and a great instructor. I passed both my theory and practical first time, my practical with just 4 minors, which is all I can ask for. My driving lesson was one of the things I looked forward to most in the week. Couldnt recommend this bloke highly enough...

Apr 12, 2013
* Lauren

Mitchell is a highly recommended Driving Instructor. The minute I started the lesson he always made sure I felt comfortable and tried to keep me relaxed (especially on the first lesson). He creates a comfortable atmosphere where any issues and concerns can be raised and it is the perfect environment to learn to drive - leading to a great understanding between you as the pupil and him as the instructor.

He is a really supportive person who always encourages you to do your best, but understands when you are struggling or need a moment to compose yourself (for a pupil who stresses as much as I do, it always helped when I felt I couldn't do something). There is always a structure to the lesson looking at what was learned the previous lesson and outlining the aims of that particular lesson. I always looked forward to my driving lessons because it was such a friendly and pleasant learning experience - it wouldn't have been the same if I didn't learn with Mitchell.

I passed my theory and practical test first time and a couple of weeks ago completed my pass plus course, all thanks to Mitchell and his dedication to his job and his pupils doing well. He is an instructor who in my opinion suits each individuals needs. Mitchell was always reasonable in assuring that you get the most out of your lessons; turning up before or on time for lessons and would add time on if it was needed. Mitchell is a driving instructor that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is considering learning to drive, as he takes the time to understand you and the way you learn, build your confidence whilst keeping you safe on the road. Mitchell is so genuine - Thank you so much. ..

Mar 5, 2013
* Emmily

Have been meaning to write my review for ages!
Mitchell is a fantastic instructor who I would (and have) reccomend. A friend is currently learning with him at present, and is progressing and enjoying driving just as much as I did.
Very knowledgeable and easy to get on with, Mitchel is great for helping with confidence and made the whole learning process a good experience.
I'm pleased to say I passed 1st time, despite having difficult test circumstances, also with Mitchels help, giving me a better understanding of hazard perception I also passed my theory first time too.
I then went on to take my pass plus with Mitchel which was also well worth the money for the experience it gives you of driving on country lanes/motorways/night driving.
I'll continue to reccomend MitchL to anyone looking for reasonable priced lessons, in a nice car, with a great professional, knowledgable, instructor!
Thanks Mitchel! ..

Oct 24, 2012
* Josh

Phenomenal instructor and a top bloke. Very quick and thorough learning experience enabled me to pass first time and with only 3 minors. I would recommend to anyone and will do to anyone who is learning to drive. Can not speak highly enough of him and his methods...

Oct 15, 2012
* Clym Smith

Mitch was fantastic. He was always early for lessons, spent extra time with me if I needed, and always went that extra mile to help me progress further. He helped me to pass first time, and I would recommend him 110%...

Jun 19, 2012
* Mark I

Prompt service with second to none experience, a fast but thorough was to learn, leaving nothing to chance. Also happens to be one of the funniest & understanding people around, I recommend him to anyone participating in the road to success! Good Luck Learners! ..

Apr 20, 2012
* Amelia

Mitch was a great driving instructor. He was very calming and patient which made me feel at ease and safe whilst learning to drive. He was very understanding and reassuring. I would definitely recommend him to everyone...

Apr 16, 2012
* Aaron

Great Driving instructor and great guy ! Got everyone i know he has tort through first time including me , would highly recommend having him as your instructor, knows a lot of knowledge and makes you feel ever welcome ,Thanks Mitch !..

Jan 10, 2012
* Abbi

Mitch was a great I would say go with him any day .. Friendly always on time. I passed my test first time today thanks to Mitch and when I finished the test she said to me you was well tought!! I got 2 minors and I'm very happy thanks Mitch x..

Nov 21, 2011
* Will

Mitch was always bang on time, had alot of patience and always gave good advice. A friendly guy who i would definately recommend. Thanks for all your help Mitch...

Nov 7, 2011
* Alex

I passed my test first time thanks to MitchL! He was a great instructor, very friendly and always punctual.
Thanks again Mitch..

Jul 25, 2011
* Stephen

I would highly recommend Mitch.he is a great instructor that not only gets the job done but has a laugh while doing it...

Jun 27, 2011
* Raj

Mitch is an excellent instructor. He makes you feel relaxed and if you get nervous he is soon able to bring back your confidence. He's patient and will explain manouevers in a simple and easy way to understand that you will easily get to grips with them. I would never have passed my test without Mitch because he is able to improve your driving every lesson even when your test ready.
I cant recommend Mitch enough. He's an excellent driving instructor...

May 12, 2011
* Kate

Mitch was a great instructor and I would recommend him anyday! ...I had an instructor previous to Mitch and Mitch was better by far. He helped to boost my confidence and get my driving to a high standard, he stayed calm when i was nervous and was always reliable and on time...I cant thank him enough for helping me pass my theory test first time then my practical test first time with only two minors!!...thanks Mitch!..

Feb 11, 2011
* Michael

Mitch is a very good driving instructor. He gave me the right advice and tutelage to pass my test the first time with only a few minor errors. His patience was much appreciated as I had developed some bad habits from past driving experience. He correctly knew which aspects of my driving needed improvement to make the best use of our lesson time. I highly recommend him...

Jan 27, 2011
* Alfie Beau Scorgie

I am very pleased to say that I have passed my driving test first time with Mitchell! From the very first lesson to the last he made me feel calm and comfortable. With great patience, timekeeping and understanding. Mitchell is the driving instructor everyone will want...

Jan 18, 2011
* Katrina

Mitch was a great instructor! He was always on time, always a confidence booster when you're having a bad lesson, patient with explanations of manouvres - all in all just a nice guy. He helped me pass both my theory and practical first time and I couldn't thank him enough.
I'd recommend him to anyone!
Thanks mitch..

Oct 29, 2010
* Sam

I wouldnt have gone with anyone else other than Mitch! He's a excellent instructor, i looked forward to every lesson and he was always boosting my confidence. Would recommened him to everyone!

Thanks for everything :)..

Oct 21, 2010
* Diane

Mitch is by far the best driving instructor I have had. (I had 2 before I started with him with bigger driving schools and didn't really have great experiences with them). He helped me pass my practical test in Sidcup the first time. He's a really nice guy that makes you feel comfortable, he's very good at explaining the manouevers and doesn't over complicate things. He's always on time, and he's very honest with how many lessons you actually need (he doesn't over sell you the way some of corporate driving schools do). I would highly recommend him to everyone! ..

Sep 10, 2010
* toni sadler

mitch is a fantastic instucter passed in just over 3 months and i couldnt of done it without him. very friendly and always on time, great prices and worth every penny thanks mitch ..

Aug 3, 2010
* Kirsten

I passed 1st time (theory and practical) with Mitch, great teacher and makes learning fun! Would recommend him to everybody. ..

Aug 3, 2010
* Karl Lawton

With a patient attitude and backed up by a high standard of knowledge Mitch L helped me pass first time. the friendly and relaxed attitude that Mitch installs helped me to focus and feel secure in his tutelage.
Thank you Mitch,

Jul 27, 2010
* Tash

I passed 1st time with Mitch. Very friendly and a great instructor. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks Mitch x x..

Jun 10, 2010
* Jenny

Mitch is an excellent instructor, he is very reliable and always on time. I just passed my test and it's all down to him. He always made me feel comfortable and at ease when driving. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else.

Thanks again :)..

Jun 9, 2010
* Liam

Mitch is grand, an excellent teacher who can have a laugh, he's great for when your nervous and helps you through any situation! throughly recommend him! Passed first time!!
Thanks dude =D..

Jun 9, 2010
* Sophie

Mitch is an excellent instructor. I would definatly recommend him to anyone. He never makes you feel uncomfortable or nervous. He's very nice and you can have a laugh with him. I passed my test 1st time and its all down to him. I dont think that you could get a better instructor!

Thank you mitch :)


Apr 27, 2010
* Dan Fosker

Mitch is a fantastic instructor I passed first time no minors and it was all down to his teaching abilities Thank you Mitch!!!..

Apr 7, 2010
* kerry-anne

mitch is a brilliant instructor,very patient,understanding and gave me lots of confidence.always on time and always a full hours lesson. worth every penny as i passed first time in sidcup. would recommend mitch to any one of my friends.
i am also taking my pass plus with him very soon
thanks mitch xx :)..

Apr 7, 2010
* Nathan

MitchL is an excellent driving instructor. He was always on time and offered great advice when performing manoeuvres and general driving. I successfully passed first time thanks to his professional tuition and he knew when I was at the test standard and ready to take my test...

Mar 18, 2010
* Josie

Mitch is a great instructor, he is very calm and encouraging. He built up my confidence and taught me many driving skills which I will always benefit from. He is easy to talk to and get along with which made learning to drive more enjoyable. Thanks Mitch :)..

Mar 1, 2010
* Toby

Mitch is a great instructor with patience and clear communication for instruction; a genuine guy and I would definately pass his number on to any friends who was looking for a driving school. Passed 1st time with two minors, and in a short space of time too. Thanks!..

Mar 1, 2010
* Ted

I switched from another instructor to Mitch, best driving related decision ever made, thanks Mitch, Ill be giving your number to all my learner friends :)..

Feb 6, 2010
* Jon

Mitch is a very patient very professional and friendly instructor, I am glad that i got to learn with him and would reccomend him in a heartbeat...

Jan 28, 2010
* Dan

Mitch is a great driving instructor who is calm and patient and will attend to anyone of you worries with professional advice. Mitch is a welcoming and friendly bloke and a great teacher. I have now passed and would recommend mitch to anyone without hesitation!..

Jan 5, 2010
* Daniel

Mitch is a great driving instructor who is calm patient and will attend to anyone of your worries with professional advice. Mitch is welcoming person and a good friend. I would recommend Mitch to anyone without hesitation...

Jan 5, 2010
* ben

Mitch is great instructor and nice bloke, i had already booked my test and had four lessons with mitch and passed he taught me loads in short time well pleased with result as i passed, Highly recomended to anyone!!!!..

Dec 9, 2009
* Lydia Hyde

I just passed my test 1st time, with only 3 minors. Mitch L is an outstanding instructor! I had previously started to learn back in 2006 and had the complete opposite experience with a very well known driving school, the instructor was terrible and I stopped learning because of it. Then I needed to learn quickly and I was able to do lessons semi-intensively with Mitch. He is the nicest guy,stays calm and makes you feel at ease all the time. He explains things slowly and picks up on the specific parts you have to practice. I'm actually going to miss having him in the car with his chats about the X-factor!

Honestly do not hesitate booking lessons with Mitch, you won't find anyone better! ..

Dec 1, 2009
* Hollie

Have just got in from my test to write this review. And am still in shock. So bear with me! Mitchl is a great instructor. On my first lesson he made me feel at ease eventhough i was a quivering wreck! He is very patient, explains really well and makes you feel confident in your abilities. He's also honest-telling you where you need to improve which is important. Really enjoyed learning with him and would recommend him to anyone that asked. Passed my test first time today with 3 minor errors- something i definately could not of done without him.SO THANK-YOU!..

Nov 18, 2009
* jj

Mitch is an amazing instructor and a genuinley nice bloke, gave me the confidence I needed, and was very patient with me, couldn't have asked for a better instructor
thanks again mitch..

Nov 3, 2009
* Kev

As soon as i started i felt at ease and comfortable. Mitch has a great way of making you feel secure and confident in what you do, he always finds your weaknesses and works with you on improving them, with out patronising or making you feel bad, he just has a way to help you over come the obstacle in front of you. Very patient, understanding and always made me feel i could accomplish my goals, even when things went bad. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to pass whether you have had lessons or just starting out. Very experienced and professional but above all, a great guy. ..

Oct 20, 2009
* tom mizen

When i swithced to mitch my driving skill immediately improved and i felt so much more comfortable driving with him. soon after swithing to mitch i passed, i 100 percent reccomend him to anyone...

Sep 13, 2009
* Ross

I have been learning with Mitch for the last few months and have just passed my test. Mitch is a very good instructor who is professional, patient and calm. I felt safe learning to drive with him. He is easy to talk to and a good teacher. I highly recommend him to people of all abilities who want to learn to drive...

Jul 25, 2009
* Zak

Right, finally got round to writing my review.

Don't really no where to start but basically Mitch is a great instructor who has all the right qualities; he is calm, very patient and just seems to know the right way to teach you things.

I passed 1st time with a few minor errors. I would personally recommend Mitch to people and wouldn't use anyone else if i had to learn again.

Thanks for all you time and patience...

Jul 25, 2009
* tia

what can i say? Mitch is a brilliant instructor, patient, motivating and very much down to earth. Mitch has taught me safe driving for life, and due to all his help and support i have passed my driving test today with him, being a nervous reck!!!!i laughed, giggled and chatted my way through the test with only 5 minors!!! i wouldn't hesitate to recommened Mitch to anyone you'll pass first time round! it will happen for you just at the right time, like it has done for me!! thanks for all your support Mitch!! much appreciated..

Jun 22, 2009
* Chris

mitch is a great teacher easy to talk to and enjoyable to drive with. always calm when you make mistakes just explains how to avoid doing them again.
passed after twenty hours first time. wouldnt of been able to do that without mitch's teaching.
thanks mitch...

May 24, 2009
* Emma

I would highly recommend MitchL to everyone! He is very professional and a fun instructor to learn with, I was very nervous on my first driving lesson but MitchL put me at ease. I was learning with MitchL for just over 4months and i passed first time, all due to his patience with me, Even when i made mistakes and started to panic MitchL just calmed me down, Im looking forward to do pass plus with him, I would recommend only the best to anyone who is learning to drive and here he is MitchL!
Thank you for all your support! :) x x ..

May 22, 2009
* charlotte

i would highly recommend mitch to everyone and so would freinds and family members who have all taken their driving lessons with him. he is a proffesional and fun instructor and got me from being very nervous and pessimistic to passing first time with flying colours. i would also recommend taking pass plus with him as it was an exciting day out and extremly useful for future outings he has made me the confident driver i am today and will never forget his safe tecniques on the road...

May 11, 2009
* Dan

I was learning with Mitch for about half a year and in that time mitch was very helpful and is a very calm, which helped me stay calm, even when making mistakes.
I would definatly recomend Mitch to anyone who is starting to drive. ..

Apr 13, 2009
* Sean

Mitch is an excellent instructor. Highly recommended! Has plenty of patience and is a very nice bloke, really good to get along with and is a great teacher

Cheers for all the help you have given me it helped alot! Hope to seen you soon!!
Seann Parsons..

Mar 31, 2009
* Ryan

I have been learning with MitchL for about 5 months now and i have passed with his teaching and guidance. MitchL is a very friendly man and really knows how to make you feel confident, he spoke very politely to me and he is a reel pleasure to learn with.

I HIGHLY recommend MitchL to anyone who wants to learn how to drive and is eager to pass quick. Definitely an enjoyable experience. Thanks Mitch :-)..

Mar 16, 2009
* Tom Kent

ive had only 5 months worth of driving lessons with mitch and i passed first time, he is a brillant bloke and as an instructor he continuously boosted my confidence, and now im lookin forward to doin my pass plus with him...i strongly recommend mitch to any age group wether you are confident or nervous, mitch will get you passed! ..

Feb 21, 2009
* Poppy Eastwood

I highly recommend MitchL driving school!
Very professional, friendly, always on time and has lots of patience!
I passed first time with only 1 minor error! I could not have done this without MitchL driving school! I am also taking my pass plus him! Brillaint insructor!!x ..

Feb 14, 2009
* Reece

mitch is a very carm teacher and has a great way of teaching driving i have found learning with mitch to great fun and very intresting.

so far i have passed my test with his surport and guidance. and will be taking the pass plus course with him later on the week, i would recommend him to any other learners who wish to learn to drive to go with him. ..

Jan 22, 2009
* charlene

mitchell is friendly and reliable, he was always prompt for lessons, he has brilliant knowledge and lots of patience! a great instuctor!..

Jan 16, 2009
* Rachelle

i highley reccomend this driving school
mitchl has a very professional approach.
he got me through my driving test first time, and i am allso goign to be takeing my pass plus with him. xx..

Jan 16, 2009

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