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Driving School: Route66

Hi my name is Mike Stepto and I am an Approved Driving Instructor, CRB checked, Licensed by the DSA also a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists Registered ADI. I am a very high grade instructor, ex BSM trained as well as a qualified mock test and Pass Plus instructor, so I am an expert at getting my pupils off to the very best start. I offer quality affordable lessons of the highest standard throughout the Fylde district that are tailored to the individual's own ability, whether you are

Upgrade Driving School Listing.
99 Princes Way
Blackpool, FY7 8DX
Phone: 07870165929


Areas Served: Blackpool, Fleetwood, St Annes, Poulton, Cleveleys

Website: http://www.route66drivinglessons.co.uk

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Latest Reviews

* Elvin Lee

Once you become one of Mike's pupils, there really isn't much turning back or going elsewhere. Not because you sign a contract, but just because Mike has a very strong desire for all his students to pass their driving tests first time. Every lesson that you're in the car with him, he gives you prompts 100% of the time, he will help ensure you to be a better driver, and he gives you confidence on the road (with a few laughs along the way). I passed my test first time, I'm grateful for what Mike has helped me achieve and I'm sure every other success story would have mentioned that too...

Apr 23, 2013
* Ania M

Mike is a superb Driving instructor!!! I could not possibly ask for anyone better. 10/10 if i could give more i would. He's honest, he works hard as much as you do to help you do your best. I found Route 66 on the internet, and then was surprised to find out that a lot of people i know have also learnt to drive with mike, and they all were exceptionally pleased and most of them passed 1st time. He's very sociable, easy going and his explanations are so easy to follow. I passed second time and Now i miss driving with Mike, its going to be a while before i get my first car and drive, but i am sure that i will be fine as i have been thought the best way possible to drive safely and confidently. Thanks Mike for everything! I'd recommend to anyone...

Jan 4, 2013
* Natalie

The reviews say it all! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Mike. I passed my test this morning for the first time with only 3 minors!
He's very fun and he gave me such confidence when driving!
Brilliant instructor and would advise ANYONE wishing to pass their test to go through Mike- he's ace :D ..

Dec 3, 2012
* Jennie McGill

I have never felt so happy as of that moment when the driving examiner said I'd passed, and it was all down to Mike. Mike was an exceptional driving instructor. He explained everything so clearly and made it so easy to understand by using diagrams and references. I passed my driving test after 7 weeks of lessons with only 3 minors thanks to Mike. I do not believe that I would have passed my test so quickly with any other instructor as Mike never failed to encourage me and push me further and further.
Overall, I couldn't have done it without Mike and I would recommend him to anybody starting to drive. I owe all my thanks to him, and I'm loving the driving!!! :)..

Nov 14, 2012
* Daisy Jackson

I would like to Thank Mike for such an enjoyable period of time learning to drive. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Route 66 and now feel a confident and safe driver. I would recommend this driving school to anybody that wants to learn to drive at a very high standard and enjoys having a very lovely and sociable instructor! THANKS AGAIN MIKE! ..

Sep 13, 2012
* ashley forward

To mike
Cheers for all that you have done for me and helping me pass on the 11th september 2012 at 10:14am i could not have done it without you so if you are looking for a driving instructor mike@route66som.com will help you to achieve your goal I MEAN IT 100% PERCENT P.S MIKE DRINKS WHEN YOU ARE AVAILABLE ARE ON ME I PROMISE. PLEASE WHOEVER ARE READING THIS PLEASE DO JOIN WITH MIKE ROUTE 66...

Sep 12, 2012
* Aimee Isles

I was very nervous to begin with and I never thought I would learn to drive. I took the plunge and decided to take lessons with route 66 S.O.M Instantly Mike put me at ease and reassured me we would get through together. His guidance and expertise were second to none if I felt I couldn't do anything Mike would go over it with me until I could do it giving me encouragement and having faith in me which meant a lot. After 3 months I took my practical test and passed first time with only 4 minor faults. As you can imagine I was ecstatic and it was all down to Mikes guidance and patience with me. I would strongly recommend Mike as a driving instructor he is great. Thanks Mike for all your help !!..

Jul 18, 2012
* Anna Malina

Mike Stepto is a great instructor, he’s friendly, patient (which he needed to be with me sometimes!), supportive and always on time. Mike understands how hard learning to drive can be. Mike was very encouraging and help build my driving confidence. Extremely helpful in all aspects of driving. He was always there to talk through any concerns I had and would explain everything in great detail. I would recommend Mike to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I passed first time yesterday! thanks for everything Mike...

Jun 13, 2012
* Jacob C

Thanks Mike!
Mike is very patient and understands everybody learns at a different pace. He had full confidence in me from the start which encouraged me to the end.
He goes out of his way to provide you with documentation on certain manoeuvres that you can take away and look at. Mike has lots of information in his car on certain manoeuvers, such as pictures of reference points, which are very useful.
Thanks again for helping me pass 1st time.
If you want somebody who is patient, kind and easy to get along with- choose Route 66!

Apr 4, 2012
* Patrycia Marcinek

After my first lessons i thought driving is very complicated and i never thought that I will be able to pass it at first go.Im greatfull to Mike for his patient and easy explanations.I recommend Mike to all foreginers.Thanks again to Mike. ..

Mar 7, 2012
* Patrycja Marcinek

I never thought the passing the exam the first time is possible.After first time lesson is decided that driving school is complicated.But thanks to Mike and his perfect science I passed the first time.Mike is an axcellent instructor,explaining everything in every possible way,the instructions are helpful.It is patient and very nice.I recommend Mike,even if you are a foreinger and do not speak good English.
Once again,many thanks to Mike for his precious help...

Mar 4, 2012
* Agnieszka Miziuk

I never thought that I pass a driving test at the first time. Thank you Mike for your patience, kidness and for all your help. I recommend Route 66 to anyone who would like to pass their test quickly and without stress. Once again thank you Mike:) Agnieszka Miziuk, Blackpool..

Oct 26, 2011
* Holly (Blackpool)

I heard of Mike through a close friend who had found him a very good instructor and had passed first time so then passed his number on to me. I don't think i could of asked for a better instructor than Mike, he was always professional and quite obviously a very experienced driving instructor, and made every lesson enjoyable and productive unlike most instructors I've heard about!

I always looked forward to my lesson and felt i covered a lot of ground in very little time and always received honest, important feedback at the end of each of my lessons so i knew what i needed to improve on and what i'd done well. Which gives you the confidence and encouragement to carry on, which is i believe something essential you need to get from your driving lessons. He works around you fits you in as much as you need in the time you can do, so great for those with work, child commitments. An all round 10/10 !

I couldn't thanks him more he helped me pass first time & i was over the moon, and know i couldn't of had a better instructor ,truly grateful of all the time he gave me to do this, and with a very nice man on top of that! I happily managed to do it in thirty hours which is good for the pocket to!
So thanks a lot Mike and it was nice meeting you! :)

Holly ..

Oct 19, 2011
* Rachel

Thankyou mike for all your help and kindness that helped me to pass my test.
If you are looking for a driving instructor that will help you pass very quickly then mike is the man for you.

Sep 8, 2011
* paul bulmer

Mike is definitely a one of a kind instructor who is miles ahead of the competition out there. He is very easy to get on with, kind, friendly and is experienced in what he does. Mike was my only driving instructor, but to be honest I couldn't have possibly asked for a better person to teach me how to drive. He offers helpful advice as you drive, as well as reassuring you about your abilities in driving, which helped gain me confidence. Confidence I never really thought I had! I passed both the theory and practical tests first time, and I owe it all to him for making it possible. Believe me, when Mike tells you that you're going to pass first time, he really does mean it!

Mike, I would just like to say that I am very grateful for your guidance. Thank you ever so much. And I urge anyone reading this to join Route 66!

Jul 29, 2011
* sarah grace cunningam

After 20 lessons with a previous instructor and having only been taught one manouvour i decided to change driving insructors. My friend Kate suggested Mike,i explained my situation to him and in my first lesson he assesed where i was up to with everything,by my third lesson i had been taught all my manouvours!
Mike is very reliable,consistant,and will always go over situations to explain where you have gone right/wrong,he always praises you if you have done somthing well,he is very friendly and easy to speak to,and VERY professional.
I would suggest Mike to anyone!I passed first time today and i own it all to him,
thank you so much!
from Sarah Grace Cunningham

Jun 21, 2011
* Mackenzie D'Cruz

Mike is my second instructor, although I have been driving for past ten years in India I never had confidence to drive on UK roads. Mike developed that confidence in me and helped me to clear the test with just one minor fault.
If you trust someone you definitely recommend him to your best friends or person close to you, hence I provided his reference to my wife and now my wife is driving with confidence.
Mike is a professional trainer with very good knowledge, patience, flexibility in working hours and nice understanding power.
I Thank Mike for all his efforts and for helping me to clear my test with confidence...

Jun 14, 2011
* Mackenzie D'Cruz

If you really appreciate somebody’s instructions you would definitely recommend him to your best friends or someone close to you and with no doubt I suggested my wife to take lessons with Route66 because I know she will not find better teacher then Mike.
Mike is very co-operative, patient and understandable instructor with very strong experience. Though I was driving in India for past 10 years it was not enough for me to drive in UK. With guidance from Mikes I could enhance my driving skills perfectly required to safely drive in UK.
Even after his busy schedule Mike booked my lessons for the time that suited me.
I Thank You Mike for boosting my confidence and helping me to climb the ladder of success...

May 18, 2011
* Sowmiya Sridhar

I am really happy to say that I passed the Driving test thru Route66. I need to take some time to thank you during this happiest moment. It's really nice to see a wonderful personality with professional approach. You are the man who is behind my success in the driving exam. As I always say that if I pass the MOCK test with Route 66 then the exams conducted by the driving examiner will be more easy. In other words passing the mock test with Route 66 gives 100% guarantee that you will feel very much comfortable in the practical driving test. The instructions given by you is really valuable and useful and if you are implementing all the instructions during driving test is the secret to my success. I really gone thru all the phases and realise after the test how much valuable your comments to pass the test. The price for the Driving sessions are also cheaper compare the other instructors.I will definately recomment your name to my friends. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Thanks and best regards Sivarajan Ramachandran..

Mar 20, 2011
* vicky smith

I passed first time with Route 66 Driving School and with only 3 minors! Never thought I would pass first time, especially when I didn't have the best of first lessons. But Mike is a very patient instructor that goes at a good pace that suits your ability. He recommends the amount of lessons that you need and not any more. Brilliant instructor and I definately would and have recommeded him to other people. 5/5...

Mar 20, 2011
* Tracy Anne Cawthorne

Mike is an excellent instructor. Very pleasant and very patient.He even took me out on a bank holiday to give me enough hours before my test. I would recommend him to anyone...

Jan 6, 2011
* Louise Whitwell

Mike is a very experienced instructor. He is very patient, calm, professional & easy going. I really enjoyed my lessons. I passed my test 1st time with few minor faults. I would have no hessitation recommending Mike as instuctor to anybody. Thank you so much. Louise..

Sep 29, 2010
* Carl Appleyard

My friend reccomended mike as an instructor and i found him to be very good at what he does. He gets straight to the point with no messing about and his main goal is to get you to pass first time, he was easy to get on with and not pushy or at all stressful i would reccomend him to anyone who would like to pass their test...

Sep 17, 2010
* daniel forward

Well well what can i say about mike.Well mike is my second driving instructor and i passed my theory test first time with him and my practical test today for the first time. Mike is very good at his job he is ever so nice towards you and makes sure u are ready for you test like me today he took time out of his very busy weekend to make sure i could have the 2 extra lessons i never before my test. Trust me you could never have found an nicer man ever Thank You Mike. :)..

Sep 9, 2010
* Natalie

Thank you for helping me get my licence! Mike was a great instructor who was very patient. I would recommend Route66 Driving School to anyone who required driving lessons.Thanks Mike !..

Jul 8, 2010
* Lukas

Mike was my second instructor. The first one (from different driving school) told me I'm ready to pass and there's nothing more he can teach me – so I attended the exam very confident – and I failed. Mike`s patience, experience and the way he explain things to his students, that made me see the driving from different perspective. He treats every student as an individual. Mike told me that when he will be 100% sure that I can pass my driving test he will let me know and then I'll pass – and that was exactly what happened. I'm very grateful to Mike. He is an excellent driving instructor. I feel very confident on the road thanks to Mike. When I passed I recommended Mike to my brother and some time ago he passes as well...

Jul 2, 2010
* Nisha

Needless to say, I am pleased to pass the test. I had no prior driving experience so I knew that this would be a big challenge. I am really glad that I choose Mike as my instructor. He is co-operative, flexible and patient. I reckon it would have been very difficult for me to clear the test without his guidance.
I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to learn driving. Thanks again Mike! ..

May 21, 2010
* Tom J.

My brother recommended Mike as a driving instructor. I wasn't sure at the beginning because my English isn't very good and I wanted to go to polish instructor. After my first lesson with Mike I clearly understood that my language isn't the barrier because he was very patient, helpful and understandable. Whenever there was a tiny language problem we used pen and paper and it was fun in a way. I'm very grateful to Mike for all his help. The day I passed was one of the happiest days of my life because, to be honest, before I've met Mike I didn't believe that I can get my driving licence with an english instructor. So to all foreign students – don't let the lack of perfect English stop you, Mike is there to help! ..

May 21, 2010

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