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Driving School: Ridgway Driver Training

A high-quality, independent driving school, with an extremely patient instructor, perfect for nervous clients. We are committed to providing a first class service, tailored to the needs of the individual.

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Ridgway Driver Training
11, Hawthorne Road
Kings Norton
Birmingham, B30 1EE
Phone: 07966985137

Services Offered: driving lessons, motorway and refresher lessons, pass plus, mock driving tests

Areas Served: South Birmingham area

Website: http://www.ridgwaydriving.com

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Latest Reviews

* Peter Helly

Having recently become a dad at 42 I realised that I needed to put the motorbike away and learn to drive a car. I spent around 40 enjoyable hours with Oliver as he tutored me from someone who had never driven a car before to someone who passed his driving test first time. Oliver gave a first rate service, he was flexible in terms of both lesson times and the locations where we began our lessons, this allowed me to fit the lessons into a very busy work week. Thanks Oliver, Peter 10/10/13..

Oct 10, 2013
* Debbie

Oliver's number was given to me by a friend who highly recommended him as an instructor. After reading lots of positive reviews on Oliver's website, I decided to pluck up the courage to give him a call. I had previous lessons with an instructor before and had failed my driving test twice.
Oliver was a fantastic instructor, who prepared me for my driving test and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. He was reliable, patient and very professional in all of my driving lessons. I am very grateful for all the help Oliver has given me and would strongly recommend him to others that want to learn to drive.
Thanks again..

Mar 14, 2013
* Stephen

Oliver was always prompt to lessons, very calm and encouraging, with good attention to detail in my driving. Thanks to his excellent tuition I passed my driving test 1st time with no minors! Very happy, would definately recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor...

Mar 8, 2013
* Lucy Evans

I cannot recommend Oliver enough. I have had a number of different driving instructors and Oliver was by far the most encouraging, calm and attentive to detail. He really helped me to overcome my lack of confidence in my own driving, by helping me to gradually build upon my skills each lesson. He was always well prepared for every lesson, and would take into account areas that I wanted to work on, as well as areas that he had planned to cover. All in all, he delivers well planned and encouraging lessons. Thank you Oliver!..

Feb 24, 2013
* Ben Bevan

Oliver has proven himself to be an extremely good instructor during my time as his student, his guidance more than prepared me to pass my driving test. Oliver always has student well-being in mind and is extremely patient allowing me to learn at a pace I was comfortable with. His attention to detail ensured no driving fault of mine went unnoticed or unattended. My learning experience has helped me build up my confidence not only for driving but also to take on new challenges since passing my test. I have enjoyed my time as a student immensely and Oliver has helped open the door to freedom that being able to drive allows. Oliver is a brilliant instructor and I highly recommend him as a driving tutor, should anyone ever wish to learn...

Feb 10, 2013
* Shayna

Oliver Ridgeway a fantastic driving instructor. After driving in America for years, I found the rules of the British roads difficult and confusing. I had only ever driven an automatic and I was determined to learn to drive a manual in this country. Even though I found this to be a challenge, Oliver set my mind at ease in every lesson, despite my nerves! Each lesson built on the previous one, and this approach helped me to gain confidence, even when I made mistakes. He is very patient, calm and he is a very thorough instructor, making sure you understand anything you might find difficult. When I was ready for my test, Oliver prepared me fully and I passed first time with two minor faults! I highly, highly recommend Oliver Ridgeway. I truly believe his excellent teaching techniques cannot be matched! ..

Dec 21, 2012
* Caroline

I would strongly recommend driving lessons with Oliver as he is very thorough and precise in his teaching but also understanding and encouraging especially when you are struggling with something. Although learning to drive can be difficult, the calm atmosphere in the car and the detailed feedback at the end of every lesson has made learning to drive an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Thank you Oliver!..

Jul 13, 2012
* George Bunting

I would highly recommend Oliver as a driving instructor, his calm, patient manner and tailored teaching methods provided me with the skills and confidence to pass my driving test on the first attempt. His thorough knowledge and flexible approach has not only taught me what I need to know to pass the driving test, but has also provided me with the foundations to become a safe and confident driver in the future. ..

May 30, 2012
* Martin

Oliver is a top driving instructor. As someone who struggled to improve his driving under a previous instructor, I excelled under the tutoring of him and managed to pass first time with zero faults! He gave me the confidence I needed when I was doubting myself and I would suggest to everyone to learn with Oliver!!..

Apr 29, 2012
* Gina Porras

I contacted Oliver after reading only good reviews from his previous students... now I can say none of them were lying! He always made sure I understood the 'theory' before getting on the road and his tips were very useful when practicing roundabouts and manoeuvres...

Jan 3, 2012
* Vikas Mehta

Oliver is an excellent driving instructor as he tailors his approach to your personal needs and ensures not only that you can pass the test but that you become a good driver for life. In particular he is very calm and relaxed, removing any pressure you may feel. He lets you learn at your own pace, never complaining when you make a mistake but letting you figure out where you went wrong. Overall, a first class driving instructor who boosts your confidence...

Sep 2, 2011
* Juan

Oliver is a great driving instructor, I passed first time with only four minors. He employs a brilliant teaching technique that has allowed me to feel calm and confident during driving, even when making mistakes. His consistent feedback at the end of every lesson helped me understand my progress and gave me enough confidence to go into my test. Also, I have a very busy working life and the flexibility of times available for lessons was fantastic...

Jul 9, 2011
* Sean

100% Calm in any situation, Oliver has a thorough knowledge of ALL aspects of driving. He prepares his students fully, making sure they are ready so that when test day comes everything is second nature.

I had 4 or 5 driving instructors previously but Olivers attention to deatil sets him apart and puts him above the rest for me...

Jul 3, 2011
* Reiss Randall

Oliver is such a great gentleman, he would never rush you to do anything, all in your own time, learning to drive with oliver was fantastic. i enjoyed every single minute of it, evan when i had to do the 3 monouvers. Being in such a calm envoirement helped me progress, I reccommend Oliver to who ever wants a quality instuctor...

Jun 21, 2011
* Reiss Randall

Oliver is such a great gentleman, he would never rush you to do anything, all in your own time, learning to drive with oliver was fantastic. i enjoyed every single minute of it, evan when i had to do the 3 monouvers. Being in such a calm envoirement helped me progress, I reccommend Oliver to who ever wants a quality instuctor...

Jun 21, 2011
* Josh

Oliver's patience and calm temperament make him an excellent driving instructor. His teaching style creates a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere ideal for beginners. His advice at the end of lessons is always effective and reassuring. A first class learning experience which I would recommend to anyone...

Jun 4, 2011
* Peter Raxster

Providing well organised lessons with a calm, relaxed atmosphere, Oliver is a truly exceptional teacher. I really doubted my driving ability before meeting him, but he quickly boosted my confidence and steadily improved my skills at a pace that suited me. He would always end each lesson with a detailed analysis of my strengths and weaknesses, along with clear targets to tackle next time. Not only did he get a nervous driver like me to pass first time, he also made it an enjoyable experience with many positive memories. ..

May 16, 2011
* Scott

Learning to drive with Oliver was a great experience, i thoroughly enjoyed the 6 months of lessons with him. Oliver always had confidence in me and always believed that i could do everything, even when i sometimes didn't. He made sure we went over every aspect to ensure that i was ready for the test. I passed first time! and i owe a lot to Oliver for this, he really is a great instructor and i highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start driving! Many thanks again...

Mar 26, 2011
* Katy

Learning to drive can be a very stressful experience but Oliverís composed attitude helped me to stay calm, even in the very first few lessons. He made everything very accessible, even those Ďdreadedí manoeuvres, and his teaching methods encourage his students to not rely on the specifics of the vehicle but their own skill, which meant I could be as assured in any car. Before being put in for a test, Oliver made sure I was thoroughly ready so as to give me the best opportunities to show what I had learnt. His relaxed and supportive attitude will give anyone learning to drive with him the best available chance of passing. I would encourage anyone to take up lessons with Oliver...

Jan 22, 2011
* Rach

I spent over a year learning with Oliver, initially I wasnít very confident about my driving but his style of teaching is exactly what I needed, as he tailors the way he teaches to the way you learn. He is patient and takes his time without putting any pressure on you. By focusing on the areas that you have problems with, he helps you to build up your confidence. I would have no hesitations in recommending Oliver to any learner drivers, whether they have previous experience or are complete beginners. ..

Jan 11, 2011
* Laura Edwards

Oliver is a brilliant instructor. He has enabled me to grow in confidence with regards to driving as i was extremely anxious and nervous about the whole experience. He is a thorough instructor which in turn allows you to develop into a first class driver. The car was another plus point, as it was stylish, comfortable and easy to use. A really nice drive!!! I passed my test first time with only five minors. I know i took the test myself, but i feel that i wouldn't have achieved this result without having Oliver as my instructor!!!..

Dec 13, 2010
* Tom

Oliver's approach to teaching is extraordinary, his friendly, calm and easily approachable attitude make the learning experience seem somewhat enjoyable. Learning from Oliver was excellent as he provided a teaching style which kept me calm and confident at all times. He also works well with helping you improve at your weaknesses and compliments your strengths in the end of lesson review which helps you understand your progress. I have been with a large driving school previously to learning with Oliver and I can honestly say I cannot fault anything with the service he provided. He is a very polite person and cares about the progress you make, helping you achieve your best, in the correct amount of time for you, at your own pace. 10 out of 10...

Oct 1, 2010
* Ellie Allum-Marshall

Learning to drive with Oliver was a great experience; he was supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process and I always felt that my driving was improving every lesson. He helped me overcome my anxiety issues with driving leading me to become pro-active when driving, taking in the information around me to make me a safer and more confident driver. When I took my test I felt confident that my training and hard work had given me the skills that I needed to drive safely as well as pass my test; I passed my driving test first time! ..

Sep 25, 2010
* nick clarke

From start to finish, the lessons were well organised and relaxed, when I had difficulty learning certain things, Oliver was relaxed and helped me through the process, ensuring that every criteria was met. Very methodical teaching style, however the lessons felt very personal, so I felt like I was learning from a friend rather than just an instructor.

Sep 20, 2010
* Tomos Hall

I learnt to drive with Ridgway Driving, and would heartily recommend them. Oliverís patient and methodical approach ensured the lessons took place in a relaxed atmosphere, which really helped the learning process. His friendly demeanour and calm response to mistakes help build up confidence and he ensures that you learn at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate for you. Other driving instructors I had had only covered what was required by the curriculum to pass the test, whereas Oliver taught me to be a better all-round driver, by driving and reading the road proactively...

Jun 7, 2010

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